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AMP Wellbeing Partnership

Their Story

Lucy, the founder of Amp Wellbeing felt as though the current fitness products available in the industry were not very exciting, underwhelming, and did very little other than their basic function. In response to this realisation she set out to create a brand centred around wellness. Lucy understood how busy life can get and with that knowledge made products specifically designed to fit into the busy lifestyle that often pushes out time for your wellness and exercise. Amp wellbeing have carefully created the perfect fitness equipment, their goal is to assist in wellness no matter where you find yourself and at all stages of life. Years later, Amp Wellbeing is proudly helping individuals progress in their physical and mental wellness goals, by offering efficient, easy to use, at home gym equipment.

Brand Mission

Amp wellbeing hopes to ease the difficulty of staying consistent when it comes to fitness and wellness. Amp Wellbeing’s products are designed for at home workouts, this allows for fitness to fit right into individuals busy daily routines. With a convenient roll up ability, their yoga mats can be easily stored and taken out within seconds. Consistency is ultimately one of the most important aspects of staying active, and by creating equipment for home workouts, Amp Wellbeing helps to foster consistent fitness routines in their clients lifestyle. Overall, the added assistance in consistency can ultimately transform an individual's body confidence by showing results over the long term. Amp Wellbeing believes that it's integral to wellness to be proud and confident in one’s body. They aim to assist in this confidence through offering energising equipment that is both functional and easy to use.


Amp Wellbeing and Omnis Beauty have created brands centred around active lifestyles, self confidence, and sustainability. Our partnership with Amp Wellbeing hopes to deliver a more complete set of products for individuals with active lifestyles. With Amp Wellbeing, we can offer clients both fitness equipment and skincare products together, helping to simplify the hunt for active lifestyle products. Omnis Beauty’s products are formulated with lightweight, non comedogenic ingredients that do not feel heavy on the face. While doing pilates on your new Amp Wellbeing yoga mat, you won’t even feel the nourishing defence serum you applied that morning.

Our radiant renewal sheet mask is filled with calming ingredients including Centella Asiatica and Allantoin, after a morning weights session with Amp Wellbeing’s functional weights, our sheet mask can help to calm and soothe the skin post workout. Amp Wellbeing and Omnis beauty also share the value of sustainability. Amp Wellbeing’s yoga mats are SGS certified, offering a natural alternative to commonly used PVC in yoga mats. Omnis beauty is proudlyVegan Society Certified, as well committed to cruelty free practices. Sustainability continues to be of the utmost importance to our business practices. Through our shared mission, Omnis Beauty and Amp Wellbeing have created products perfect to use together. We hope you enjoy them!

Beyond skin, into wellbeing,

Grace x

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