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Gender Neutral, Organic, Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare designed for active lifestyles.


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Inspired by the sea

Inspired by the ocean's healing powers and rich marine ingredients, we incorporate mineral-enriched seawater and potent ocean bioceuticals into our products, significantly enhancing skin health and vitality.

Our Mission

Always be you

At Omnis, our brand is on a mission to champion natural beauty and self-empowerment. Rooted in the principles of inclusivity, authenticity, and the celebration of individuality, we firmly believe that skincare should cater to the unique needs of everyone, irrespective of gender or background.


Indulge in our high-performance  skincare line, meticulously crafted to be not only gender-neutral but also dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being. Immerse yourself in the richness of organic ingredients ethically sourced from the Mediterranean. Our formulations, enriched with vitamins, minerals, flowers, herbs, and aromatherapy, not only elevate your skin but also contribute to uplifting your mood and mental well-being. Experience a spa-like retreat in the comfort of your own home, and embrace the confidence that comes with radiant skin.

All our formulas are designed with an active lifestyle in mind and therefore our seawater base creates products that are ideal to keep up with your pace of life. 


Sustainability is at the core of our brand ethos. We are proud to be Vegan Society Certified and committed to cruelty-free practices. Transparency is a fundamental part of our philosophy, and we openly share information about our ingredients, processes, and their impact on both your skin and the environment. Sustainability isn't just a bu